VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator

VMware Virtualization Cost-Per-Application Calculator: Calculate IT Cost Savings

The VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator compares the cost of virtualizing applications on VMware Infrastructure 3 versus other commodity virtualization offerings, like Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Hyper-V). The calculator provides an accurate and simple methodology to determine and compare the deployment costs of virtualization solutions by 1) including both software and hardware infrastructure costs and 2) accounting for number of applications that a virtualization platform can run on each sever.

By leveraging the VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator, you will see how VMware’s superior virtualization technology enables greater cost savings while at the same time greatly improves reliability and availability across your IT infrastructure.

Calculate your own VMware Cost-Per-Application


Based on your inputs, the cost-per-application to virtualize 200 applications using VMware Infrastructure 3 Enterprise Edition is

$2,999 — 9% lower than with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Hyper-V) and System Center.

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