Unable to connect from the View Client on Windows 7 to the View Connection Server after installing the patch in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 2482017 or 2467023

If you have some problems with Windows 7 and VMware View Client here is the solution!!!!

Source: VMware KB


* Unable to connect from the View Client on Windows 7 to the View Connection Server
* Connecting the View Client on Windows 7 to the View Connection Server fails
* You have installed one or both these Microsoft patches 2482017 or 2467023

This issue occurs when you have installed one of these Microsoft patches, 2482017 or 2467023.

If you have already installed these patches, you can install VMware View Client (build 353760) or uninstall the Microsoft patches.

If you have not installed these patches, delay the installation of the Microsoft patches until you have installed VMware View Client (build 353760).

VMware View Client build 353760 has been tested on:

* Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit + Internet Explorer 8
* Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit + Internet Explorer 8
* Windows 7 Home 32 bit + Internet Explorer 8

The View Client patch can be downloaded from here. Enter your credentials, accept the EULA and download the appropriate file:

* If you are using Windows 7 32-bit, use VMware-viewclient-4.5.0-353760.exe.
* If you are using Windows 7 64-bit, use VMware-viewclient-x86_64-4.5.0-353760.exe.

Note: If you are using View Client 4.0.x and are experiencing this issue, you can install the appropriate View Client 4.5 for your environment.
Disclaimer: Using Windows 7 with a View Client 4.0.x is not supported, so this information is provided as is, and without testing.

To apply this patch

1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
2. Choose the previously installed VMware View Client and click Remove.
3. Navigate to where you downloaded VMware-viewclient-xxx-4.5.0-353760.exe and run the executable file.
4. Follow the installation installation wizard to complete installation.
5. Reboot the computer.

Note: VMware View Clients with build number 353760 or later are not affected by this issue.

VMware: VMTN Blog: Introducing the VMware Express: hands-on virtual desktops coming to your town

SOURCE >>VMware: VMTN Blog: Introducing the VMware Express: hands-on virtual desktops coming to your town.

It´s  only in US and Canada. Too bad.

Introducing the VMware Express: hands-on virtual desktops coming to your town Today VMware is proud to unveil the VMware Express during its inaugural stop at the 2010 VMware Partner Exchange in Las Vegas, NV.  This state of the art mobile datacenter, demo environment and briefing center has been built to bring VMware solutions directly to our customers across the USA and Canada during the 2010 Virtualization Tour. The VMware Express is sponsored by Cisco, EMC, Dell, MDS, NetApp, Xsigo, ChipPC, Amulet Hotkey and Teradici.

Expess truck image 3

There are 5 demo stations covering both VMware desktop and server virtualization solutions. Customers will have the unique opportunity to get hands on and dig deep into solutions with VMware Experts. There are demos highlighting the following products and solutions:

VMware View

  • Best User Experience – Highlighting the power of the PCoIP display protocol to deliver a rich user experience, perfectly adapted for the network connection and end-point device.
  • Follow-Me Desktop – Enabling immediate access to desktops, applications and data while ensuring a consistent user experience across sessions and endpoint devices.
  • Access Across Boundaries – Providing access to desktops, applications and data anytime, anywhere regardless of network availability.
  • Windows 7 Migration – Reducing the costs and complexity associated with desktop and application migration.

VMware vSphere

  • The industry’s most reliable platform for datacenter virtualization offering the highest levels of availability and responsiveness for all applications and services.  Optimize IT services and deliver the highest levels of application service agreements with the lowest total cost per application workload by decoupling your business-critical applications from the underlying hardware for unprecedented flexibility and reliability.

vCenter Server

  • Learn about this scalable and extensible platform that forms the foundation for virtualization management with the family of vCenter products including CapacityIQ, AppSpeed, Chargeback and many more focused on providing advanced operational controls.

Customers will not only benefit from being able to see and interact with multiple VMware products in one place but can also take advantage of the conference room where they can have deep dive conversations with VMware solution experts. Leaving the VMware Express, visitors will have an improved understanding of the VMware Desktop partner eco-system, VMware solutions, and how they are positioned to address today’s technical and business requirements.

The VMware Express is letting us reach customers like never before and is ready to roll to industry and partner events as well as customer sites bringing VMware solutions directly to the customer.  Don’t miss your opportunity to catch the VMware Express on the 2010 Virtualization Tour as it crosses the U.S. and Canada coming to a location near you.  Learn more and keep up to date by going to http://www.vmware.com/tour

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