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Falls der Datensupergau auftreten sollte und jemand VMware ESX Server mit Microsoft iSCSI betreibt und plötzlich die erfoderlichen iSCSI Targets weg sind hier der passende Hotfix dafür:

A virtual hard disk may become unusable, or the iSCSI Software Target may stop responding when you run Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003 or Windows Storage Server R2

Falls dann die ESX Server die Vernindung nicht wieder herstellen können hilft diese Vorgehensweise:

Configure a host(s), f.e. esx1 and esx2 with the appropriate IQN name (i used for example) and add the freshly configured devices/disks

– DO NOT configure the software iSCSI configuration via the VI client, but use the tips in Mike’s Service Console guide.

  • Create a VMKernel switch (via Add networking)
  • Remember to set the default gateway for the newly created VMKernel switch
  • Use the commandline to enable the vmhba40 (Software iSCSI initiator) and add the IP of your iSCSI target.
  • Next, use the command esxcfg-swiscsi –e to enable it
  • Use vmkiscsi-tool -D -a vmhba40 to add the iSCSI target’s IP address
  • Now try executing vmkiscsi-tool -l -T vmhba40 to see if it recognizes the iSCSI target. It will tell you „No targets are configured“ if it does not see anything
  • Now is the time to fire up your VI client & do a rescan (in Configuration => storage adaptors)
  • Create a VMFS
  • Done 🙂

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