Canadian Polar Bear in Snow Storm

I love this pic .-)

Panorama – Grosser Feldberg – Taunus

Aufgenommen im Oktober…. Die ersten Zeichen des Herbstes sind gut sichtbar 🙂

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Cruise Liner in Rostock – Warnemünde

Here some videos from Cruise Liner in Rostock.

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City of Calgary – a panorama picture

This picture shows you the City of Calgary with Rocky Mountains.

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Bow Falls View

Bow Falls, Banff, Alberta – Panorama

Here you can find an panorama picture taken on Bow Falls, Banff. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Bow Falls

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Vancouver Skyline

That’s the skyline of Vancouver

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View from the Banff Skywalk

Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC, Canada

This is a panoramic photo of the wells gray provincial park in british columbia, canada.

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